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Rafting is sailing rapids in an inflatable boat, it requires teamwork to pass the rapids safely. It is a popular sport in natural settings.


Hiking is walking on nature trails and in mountains. It is a physical activity that offers the opportunity to be in contact with nature.

Mountain Bike

BTT is an activity that consists of traveling mountain paths by bicycle. It is an adventure sport that requires some skill.


It is an adventure activity that combines hiking, swimming and climbing in a canyon going down waterfalls and waterfalls.

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About us

Altisport Adventure is based in Vielha in the Val d’Aran in the Pyrenees. We offer adventurers all kinds of sports activities with a touch of action and adventure to escape the normal world and enjoy nature under the control of our professional guides.

In addition to our most popular activities of rafting, canyoning, and hydrospeed, we also offer Open Kayak, mountain biking/BTT routes, hiking routes, and the possibility of enjoying the Pyrenees from a bird’s-eye view in our autogyro/gyrocopter from the Luchon aerodrome (France).