It consists of a descent on the rapids of the Vall d’Aran in a pneumatic raft, with the help of oars, avoiding falling into the water and dodging rocks on the way.

For this reason, it is done in a group to share the emotion and the risk…


It has capacity for six or eight people, who are seated on the edges of the vessel. On the floor, the crew have fastenings for their feet, and so it is actually quite easy to keep your balance in the turbulent movements of the current or when you hit a rough patch.

In this sport, getting wet is unavoidable.

The exciting ride is done in the company of one or two monitors, who are situated at the rear of the raft in order to steer it. Their function is to steer a course with the oar and to give the necessary instructions to the rest of the group to progress down the river.

The raft, a zodiac-style craft, is very safe and has a strong resistance to blows.


Falling into the water is not a problem, as the crew are all well-equipped with a helmet, a life jacket and with a suit and boots made of neoprene, a material which protects against the low temperature of the water and prevents the wearer from getting cold. Furthermore, you can be reassured by the presence of an expert monitor who understands the river perfectly.

The raft, a zodiac-style craft, is very safe and has a strong resistance to blows.

Nonetheless, the route is full of surprises, with a great deal of plunging and any number of shocks.

At first glance this seems to be an excessively risky sport, but in actual fact this is not the case.


The rafting season on the Valle de Aran  is from March to september,

Rafting Stretch :

. River Garona “Val. d’Aran” 1.a. Les Bordes – Bossòst (9 Km) 1h aprox Tramo sup -Adults -Young since  12
2.river Garona / Bossost – Pont de Rey (10Km) 1h aprox /  médium strech – family , child since 6  years
3. River Garona “Francia” Saint Beat – Fronsac (9 Km) 1h aprox strech – family , child since 6 years

Departure time : August   /July   contact us.

Morning : Altisport 10h30-turn 13h 30 aprox.
Afternoon: Altisport 15h30 vuelta 18h 30 aprox.

Requirement :
Know how to swim.
– Personal Material carry bathing suit and towel