Rafting is navigating rapids in an inflatable boat, requiring teamwork to safely navigate the rapids. It is a popular sport in natural environments.

Mountain Bike

BTT (Mountain Biking) is an activity that consists of cycling through mountain paths. It is an adventure sport that requires some skill.


Hidrospeed is an adventure sport that consists of descending rivers at high speeds on a small foam board.

Via Ferrata

Via ferrata is a protected climbing activity that involves ascending a rocky route equipped with cables and steps.


Hiking is walking on trails and in mountains. It is a physical activity that offers the opportunity to be in contact with nature.


It is an adventure activity that combines hiking, swimming, and climbing in a canyon, going down waterfalls and jumping into water.

Open Kayak

Open kayak is a water activity that consists of kayaking on rivers, lakes, and open sea.


Skiing is a winter sport that involves sliding on snow with skis, either on prepared tracks or off-piste.

Gyroplane flight

An autogyro is a rotary-wing aircraft that flies like an airplane, but its wing is a rotor that spins due to the relative wind passing through it from bottom to top. Flying in an autogyro provides full control in the air. From the sky, you can contemplate villages, towns, forests, fields, and rivers.